Yoga Spirit

Sally Pitanga teaching kids yoga to children at a Nursery SchoolKid's yoga is a fairly new form of yoga being offered to ages 2-17 years. This type of yoga takes the physical postures (asanas), breathe exercises(pranayama) and relaxation (savasana) of an adult class and transforms it into a fun, age appropriate experience for kids. Utilizing music, songs and games to get the kids moving while building their muscle tone, flexibility and strength. Children also develop their sense of spatial awareness, balance and coordination. In addition to the physical component there is also a social/emotional benefit from kid's yoga.  Children become more confident realizing all the things they can do with their bodies and how they're becoming stronger.  They also learn to play and move in a non-competitive way, building teamwork in a group setting.

Here's a cool yoga claymation kid's may enjoy.