female buddha


Meditation for Manifesting and Personal Power

1)  Sit in a comfortable seated position.

2)  Hands are resting on knees with the index finger and thumb tips touching.

3)  Inhale, one full breath.  Mentally, think Truth.

4)  Then, hold the breath.  Mentally think of what you want to manifest.  As you      hold the breath begin pumping the stomach (moving the navel point back      towards the spine) as many times you can, comfortably.

5)  Then exhale fully.  Mentally think Spirit .

6)  Continue this sequence 1-3 mins. to begin.  You can build upto 11 - 31 mins.

The key to this pose is to hold the breath with a relaxed mind.  People tend to panic and become anxious and panic when their breath is held.  The more calm the mind is while you hold the breath, the more personal power you cultivate.

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